Hippi Tea - Where it all Began...

Hi! we’re Mike and Steve. People affectionately call us the Walker Brothers, and we’re the founders of Hippi Tea.

Hippi Tea was a long time in the making. We had always discussed starting a product company we are passionate about and that others could be passionate about as well.

One day we talked about starting a tea company since we both enjoy tea every day. As the idea grew, we thought that adding CBD would make the perfect combination. What could be better than getting all the benefits of CBD by enjoying a simple cup of tea?

We tested teas from all over the world, different types of CBD, and different concentrations of different types of CBD. We finally developed proprietary blends and formulations for our CBD teas that we know you’ll love.

Our Daydreamer CBD Black Tea is one of the first Black CBD Teas on the market and is perfect with a little honey or lemon – and we love it poured over ice. Our Mellow caffeine-free herbal tea is a calming blend of organic herbs and CBD to help you relax, within minutes of that final sip. Throughout the process of developing our teas, we have collected and answered many questions about CBD tea