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× Daydreamer Black CBD Tea Daydreamer - CBD Black Tea $29.99
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  • I am loving Mellow. The aroma alone is relaxing and I’m sleeping much better. For me, though, the biggest unanticipated benefit is getting out of bed without joint pain. I historically have to stretch and sometimes do “Cat” so I can stand up completely straight and without stiffness. These last three mornings I have not had the need. That is amazing.
    Rea – Mellow
  • Excellent product. I’m a big fan of CBD and had been taking tinctures for a couple of years now. Water soluble CBD is a game changer. Although the dose is only 10mg, its effects are much greater than the typical 10mg of fat soluble CBD. The sense of calm and mental clarity is almost immediate. Excellent stuff.
    Michael – Daydreamer
  • For years, I struggled with sleep. Mellow helps calm my mind which allows me to fall asleep fast and stay to sleep.
    Patty – Mellow

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