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From Coffee to Tea

I used to be a coffee drinker. It was wonderful, it would wake me up every day and help with focus. Then I noticed something, it had less and less effect and more effect on my moods. If I didn’t get coffee I would be grumpy and have a hard time with others. So I decided to stop, cold turkey, no more coffee. I did it, it was a rough couple of days, bad headaches, feeling sick, all the usual withdraw symptoms.

I tried again and had similar results. And again. I couldn’t keep the effect without going on and off of coffee. I loved the initial feeling, but overall it only lasted so long and then it just became maintenance.

Then I discovered tea, it was just the right amount of caffeine without all the other negative effects. If I stopped tea, I might feel a little tired, but not moody and unbearable. I found that I could drink tea for long periods of time, one or two cups a day, and stop without much trouble. It was wonderful and so enjoyable.

That’s what led me to want to start a CBD tea company. I thought it would be the perfect combination of natural ingredients to help people enjoy tea the way I enjoy tea!

I hope that you find the same enjoyment drinking hippi cbd tea as I do every morning!

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