Reduce Your Stress!

I hope that title didn’t make you feel stressed, because stress is terrible for you!

According to Robert Sapolsky, the author of one of my favorite books, “Behave”, our bodies have a stress response to protect us in life and death situations. Unfortunately, in modern society, “… we get sick from activating the stress response too often, too long and for purely psychological reasons.” We do this because “The core of psychological stress is loss of control and predictability.” These behaviors are extremely bad for us. They cause all kinds of ailments, both physical and psychological. I’d highly recommend his book if you’re interested in the detail.

With that in mind, we should do whatever we can to reduce stress. Two things, that help me, are to meditate and drink tea. Meditation calms the mind and allows you to be more present, both in every day life and in stressful situations. Drinking tea provides your body with many positive health benefits and is a calming practice in general.

I wish you reduced stress in your life, it is good for you and everyone around you!

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